👋 Hey there!

Welcome to jsonresume.io. You can upload your JSON resume according to the spec and we'll render it all pretty for you. Easy peasy.

Make sure you provide the Auth header and remember the password for it. You will need it to update your resume.

We use a validator to make sure the JSON payload you POST is correct. We use a JSON Schema to do this and you can view our schema here to see what fields are available and which are required. A good first start in building your resume could be copy-ing someone elses. You can do this by viewing their compiled resume on https://jsonresume.io/[username] and the JSON for that resume on https://jsonresume.io/[username].json. For example, mine is on jsonresume.io/koddsson and the JSON is on jsonresume.io/koddsson.json.

Give it a spin and let me know what you think either on GitHub or Twitter.